Hi all,

I’ve decided to change Queen of Heart’s posting schedule slightly by adding a second update day. Starting next week, this comic will be updated on Tuesdays and Fridays!  I am currently working on Queen of Hearts 3. Therefore, I hope to have Queen of Hearts pages last until early 2014 (and, in the meantime, I’ll decide who I want to write about next for the series).

I also launched (relaunched) another comic, Velharthis.  Velharthis is a fantasy/adventure/comedy about a girl who wants to join the army after her grandfather dies under mysterious circumstances. It updates Mondays and Wednesdays. Please check it out.

Finally, my comic over at Erstwhile, The Worn Out Dancing Shoes, will update until the end of July.  That comic is on a summer convention schedule, and updating Mondays and Thursdays.

Between these three sites, you’ll have one comic page a day from me until August!