I had mentioned in another post that this comic site was partially a test. I recently added a thing up near the top of the site that tells visitors about the schedule for this comic.  Right now the updates go every Friday, which is not great but I don’t want to run out of pages (I’m currently working on the third Queen of Hearts comic with, hopefully, more to follow).

I wanted to also post about my other projects here as well, including Erstwhile, which is a project I work on collaboratively.  Today, my next comic for this project debuted. What’s cool about this comic is that it’s the first for the project that I’ve both adapted and drawn (in the past, Gina Biggs did the adaptation scripts). The comic updates Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Check out the comic here: http://www.erstwhiletales.com/

My other project, Velharthis. It’s a comic about a girl named Jenise who sets out to avenge the death of her grandfather. It’s an adventure drama with a bit of humour. I’m relaunching that one on May 24th, and it would update Monday-Wednesday-Friday to start.

I’ve got another potential project I’ve been puttering around with. In the future I might adjust schedules and update that comic on Tuesdays and this one on Thursdays. That way I’ve got a comic up every weekday. We’ll see how do-able that is.